“Tycoon Event Planning & Promotions is an outstanding company. Eryne and her team are amazing to work with: they are friendly, respectful, and truly listen. You will actually get what you were looking for when you work with Tycoon! They worked with us on 2 events. I couldn’t believe how organized and on top of things they were. Absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend them!”

– Rich Horning, Director of Development and Communications, AdaptAbilities

“We had the pleasure of working with Tycoon Event planning to support us in crating our first event workplace wellness summit at Alberta Blue Cross. We had many outcomes, one of which was to attract an attendance of 300 and it was surpassed. We met each of our outcomes and in big part to the direction and expertise of Tycoon. They created a work plan from the beginning outlining task, dates and key stakeholders accountable to delivery and kept the project on task from beginning to end. They offered recommendations and suggestions that allowed greater success as they had many past experiences to draw from. They also worked well with multiple stakeholders representing different departments and displayed exceptional communication skills throughout. We only heard great things from the speakers, the venue of what it was like to work with them as well. They kept everything in check including securing all speakers, venue, catering, budget, volunteer management and attention to all details related to our marketing and communications plan.

If you are looking for a professional experience with a team who truly understands the context of what it takes to put an event together, look no further than Tycoon as we guarantee you will have a very positive experience and outcomes. We humbly recognized how much it takes to put on an event of this magnitude and the success created was in huge part to the leadership and exceptional management of this project throughout.”

– Linda Crawford, Manager, Corporate Wellness Wellness, Alberta Blue Cross

“Eryne, Steph and the team at Tycoon events helped us plan and execute one of the most successful employee events in our company’s history. They all full of creative ideas around themes, décor and activities to engage your guests. Their onsite team is made up of experienced event professionals who are able to act proactively and professionally to resolve any issues. Tycoon will help you elevate any event and leave your guests with a memorable experience.”

– Jesse Murphy, Senior Advisor, Community Relations, Capital Power

“Eryne and her entire Tycoon Team have been an absolute pleasure to work with and have become a part of our Family. They are very hard working, focused and detailed oriented….but more importantly, they are FUN! Even though I don’t have to worry about the planning details of our events anymore, I want to be a part of it because I enjoy working with them.”

– Rhonda Marano, Senior Human Resources Manager with the Little Potato Company

“Finding Tycoon Event Planning saved my event! Even though I had many other elements taken care of and under control, Tycoon was the missing piece of the puzzle. Once Eryne started working with us it all came together. From dealing with our vendors and the venue; creating custom pieces that took our decor to the next level; organizing install and strike so that everybody knew exactly what to do and when; And, dealing with the many details leading up to our big day and on the big day. Our event would not have been the success it was without Tycoon behind the scenes. I owe them big time. Eryne, in particular, is a thoughtful and detailed listener. She’s accessible and adaptable to all the twists and turns that come with event planning, and thus is a dream to work with!”

– Sarah Chan, First Lady of the City of Edmonton and 2016 Campaign Co-Chair for United Way

“I hired Eryne to pull together an event in 2.5 weeks with extremely high expectations. Not having worked with her before I took a bit of a risk. Eryne not only met but exceeded my expectations, she was thoughtful, thorough, professional and worth the risk. Given the limited time she put together a great event I can only imagine what she can do with more time!”

– Nicole Medeiros, Community Manager for ATB Financial

“One of the best decisions we’ve made for the Alberta Podcast Network was to hire Tycoon Events to help with the official launch party in September of 2017. Eryne is not kidding when she says it’s all in the details, and her close attention to those details helped us put on an event that met or exceeded all of our goals. Tycoon’s planning process gave me peace of mind throughout the process, and the professionalism of the team on the day of the event was superb. Thank you, Eryne — this was everything I hoped for.”

Karen Unland, Co-founder of the Alberta Podcast Network

“Tycoon has met and exceeded all expectations. Working with Tycoon events is a blast and they are really well organized. All contact information is met with a reply in a timely manner and the follow-through on promises are all made quickly and accurately. You will not regret working with Tycoon events as a vendor or client.”

– Kyle Gagnon, Chief Executive Officer at Inception VR Inc.

“During her time with Gordon Ramsay Holdings, her attention to detail, organization and professionalism with guests was exceptional. She works well under pressure and she has excellent communication skills. Eryne’s role was to manage the events and to deal with up to 30-40 events per week. Organization and attention to detail are key areas where Eryne excels. She is extremely punctual, well presented, and confident in client meetings. She has a wealth of experience in the events industry and can rise to any challenge.”

– Michelle Chillingworth, formerly the Private Dining and Events Manager with Gordon Ramsay Holdings

‘A Games Night Out’ was an unprecedented event that saw a huge success as advance tickets sold out prior to the night of the event. It was an innovative way to bring awareness to the recent resurgence of the board gaming culture to those otherwise unaware of the phenomenon.

The event was successful in large part due to the involvement of Tycoon Event Planning & Promotions. We relied heavily on owner and lead planner, Eryne Sarabin’s expertise. She was exceptionally well organized, professional, and exuded strong communication skills. Moreover, we particularly valued Eryne’s support of small local businesses.”

– Kellie Ho & Randy Wong, Owners of The Hexagon Board Game Cafe

“Eryne was awesome at helping me get more specific about creating my vision and putting it in words so that I could create posters to promote my event. I also truly appreciated how creative Eryne was in groups, places and people to reach out to promote my services. Eryne also created beautiful posters for my event. She was also very professional, friendly, prompt and organized in her approach. I highly recommend hiring Eryne if you need support marketing your event!”

– Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc., Registered Psychologist & Certified Hakomi Therapist at Aspirations Inc. Counselling and Training Center