On Friday, March 8th, 2019 the BioWare Edmonton Studio hosted a launch party for approximately 350 of their staff members and guests at MKT to celebrate the launch of Anthem.

As guests walked up the breezeway towards the main doors into MKT they were greeted by a large scale sign that set the tone for the evening:

“Welcome Freelancer! You’re here to embark on an adventure into the unknown. There will be danger…the Cataclysm burns and the Dominion are strong- but we have each other. So, suit up your Javelin, get to the Launch Bay, and let’s show them what we can do. Strong alone – STRONGER TOGETHER!”

Red Bull’s Sugga was also laced outside playing theme music from the game and showing images from the game.

Taking guests on a journey, similar to the story line of the game, guests will begin their adventure on the main floor, which will be transformed into “The Wilds” outside of Fort Tarsis.

Once guests made their way through security and had checked in, they were greeted by four servers, each offering one of four different welcome cocktails. Each cocktail reflected one of the four colors of the Javelins. The servers each wore a shirt that signed their respective cocktail.

Activations on the Main Floor included:

– live music from our DJs, who had mixed sample sound bites from the game into their sets
– food stations
– a live ice carving station that featured the Anthem logo and each one of the four Javelin symbols

At the base of the staircase that led guests to the second level, was a sign that enticed attendees to travel up to the second floor – Fort Tarsis – reading:

“Fire up those afterburners and fly up to Fort Tarsis and the Marketplace!”

As guests successfully “traversed” into Fort Tarsis, they entered into the Marketplace, and were among the Sentinels, Corvus, Cyphers, and Arcanists. Uplighting, terra cotta potted plants, woven baskets, and drapery decorated the space.

Activations on the Second Floor included:

– food stations
– the photobooth, with customized props
– the donut wall
– the late night snack station

The layout of the activities and food stations were a successful means of ensuring that guests frequented both floors of the venue and also ensured that everyone was comfortable and always entertained.

TOTAL EVENT BUDGET: $43,000.00 (also includes security, Uber and taxi vouchers, all food and beverage, event support, two drinks per guest, etc.)

Client: BioWare, a division of Electronic Arts Inc.
Event Planner and Stylist: Tycoon Event Planning & Promotions
AV: Production World
Donuts: Doughnut Party
Event Photography: Leblond Studio Inc. 
Florals and Foliage: Vienna Intention Floral and Event Design
Graphic Design: Backstreet Creative
Ice Sculptor: Ice Works
Music: DJ Joses Martin and DJ Sean McAnally
Photo Booth: NEAT Photo Booth
Printing: Burke Group and William Huff
Rentals: Special Event Rentals
T-Shirts: Run This Town
Venue and Catering: MKT