Eryne Sarabin
Founder & Lead Event Strategist

I have been in the events and marketing industry since 2003. My experience extends into working with numerous local and international organizations, including a year spent in London, England working alongside Gordon Ramsay, as part of the events and culinary industry. Being meticulous is not just in my nature, it is deep in the roots of this company. I am all about the 3 – B’s – bunnies, bubbly and business!

Kirsten Stang
Account & Event Manager

My favourite place to be is one I’ve never been to before. I love to explore and push myself outside my comfort zone in search for adventure and the more I do, the more I learn how to find it every day: Journeying to the inner workings of my mind and body on my yoga mat, gazing across the horizons of new perspective from a good chat, or traversing the world of cat tricks (so far I’ve taught my cat to walk on a leash, sit and stay… and, yes, I brag about him every chance I get). What I love most about events is bringing dreams to life through open-mindedness and creativity. The possibility to ‘go’ anywhere, be anyone, and experience anything is an adventure I love sharing with people!

Lyndsey Manyluk
Account & Event Manager

With a background in strategic marketing, I’m innately curious about uncovering the “why” behind a business, idea or a cause. The reason I love events is that every aspect becomes an opportunity to communicate your purpose and find a basis for connection with one another, through shared experience.

Live entertainment fuels my soul — and so do cats, coffee and chocolate.

Stephani Harvie
Account & Event Manager

I have been fascinated with events ever since I stepped outside of university and into the real world; the energy, the planning, the innovation! My experience has made me believe that every event can tell a story, from the decor through to the food and drink. As a bonus, I can accompany my clients to all food sampling appointments for no additional charge. I recommend at least 3 sampling appointments for optimal results.

David Kaminski
Designer & Event Coordinator

Creative designer, music lover, and digital artist. Focused on creating immersive one of a kind experiences. From corporate events to underground art showcases, I believe each event should be designed to impact its audience in a new creative way.

Stephanie Taylor
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

I am a UofA Business student who dreams of living in a tiny house on the beach. My passions include dance, videography, cooking vegan food and traveling. The combination of organization and creativity makes me very excited and is one of the many reasons why I am pumped to work with the team at Tycoon Events!

Ali Powers
Onsite Event Support

Event organizer extraordinaire! My experience ranges from large and small conference management, workshop development, award gala production, through to wedding coordination. I believe that every company has a story that deserves to be told, preferably over a delicious cocktail…or two! 

April Bannerman
Onsite Event Support

I am addicted to the energetic movement of events! That, and the memories that are created thanks to the meticulous planning of a great team. I have a lot of experience in the event world, but more importantly, I have a lot of experience kicking butt at Scrabble. Z-E-D-S is so a word!

Lindsay MacDonald
Programming & Onsite Event Support

Family woman, cheese lover, Early Childhood specialist, and intense creative programmer! I am usually behind the scenes helping the big picture come together and supporting the team with my digital skillset…or dreaming about brie.

Madeline Jonah
Onsite Event Support

Details coming together for the event is truly the magical part! Being a part of the onsite team, I get to see all the levels of engagement that each event holds. As a post-secondary recruiter, I always like to tell students to find their home community. Here at Tycoon it is definitely a home community with people that will intentionally engage with you and bring all the details together for a beautiful event.

Nikki Fullerton
Onsite Event Support

With over 10 years of experience in the events industry, ranging from small intimate gatherings to major festivals, and everything from livestock management to the finer details of floral design, I bring a diverse background and approach to event execution. Onsite in the thick of things, problem solving and helping to bring the vision to life is my favorite part of any event, and I am thrilled to be part of the onsite execution team for Tycoon!

Shanna Johnson
Social Media & Onsite Event Support

Being an amateur body contortionist gets me the best shots when keeping our social media up to date! My working experience over several years in the industry for private and non-profit companies has equipped me to contribute to knocking the socks off of our clients. When providing on-site event support, if you need to find me, locate the loud laugh echoing through the venue!