Live. Hybrid. Virtual.

As event professionals, we strive to create a vision that is threaded throughout the very fabric of the event to ensure cohesion from start to finish, regardless of the medium or platform. To do this, our team draws from one another’s skill sets and areas of expertise, and uses tools like journey mapping applications. We also stay abreast of the latest event trends.

Our planning process begins after the initial client meeting: we brainstorm and educate ourselves on each element of the company we will be working with. From there, we strategize the best way to bring a company’s brand experience and call to action to life. Our intention is to represent elements of the company while still offering a new experience or idea and rounding out a cohesive event design.

We specialize in the following areas, which can all be applied to live, hybrid, or virtual events:

Our team is available to travel for projects – locally, provincially and across Canada – to meet the needs of our clients.