At Tycoon Events, we understand that our decisions impact our community, our city, and our environment. That is why we choose to give back to community organizations, based on three pillars that align with our values:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity

We’re always looking at expanding our network of community partners. If you fit within any of our pillars, please reach out to us!


We understand that health occurs beyond medical care, through our genetics, behavior, environment and social circumstances. The incredible organizations we have partnered with help the community with addiction, child sexual abuse, senior well-being, special needs, mental health and developmental disabilities.


Operation Friendship Seniors Society (OFSS)


We are extremely conscious of sustainable efforts and our level of accountability. To ensure that, we incorporate sustainable practices before, during, and after events that:

  • support our local economy,
  • lessen and mitigate our carbon footprint, and
  • reduce waste, and recycle/repurpose when we can.

We’ve partnered with organizations that help reduce waste, repurpose items and recycle.

Habitat for Humanity


We are always learning and opening our minds to ways to become more accessible and inclusive to communities that we are not part of. Our ongoing partnerships are one way that we connect with and learning from people with disabilities and indigenous communities.

Voice of Albertans with Disabilities (VAD)

Zachary Weeks: Accessibility Consultant

Disability: Accessible by Design

Anthony at Your Service

Bent Arrow: Journey to Success Program