The State of Events – April 7, 2021 Updates

The event industry may be seeing a bit of progress in terms of more events turning to virtual platforms instead of flat out cancelling, but Alberta, with the recent change to go back to Step 1 may have another hold placed on events.

Virtual Event Budgets: Expenses to Expect

There is a lot of uncertainty around what to expect when budgeting for a virtual event and where to start. Here are our recommendations for the four main expense buckets that are quite typical for most virtual events.

Solar Show 2021 Event Recap

Hosted by Solar Alberta, this four-day virtual conference offered all types of content and covered a wide variety of topics, advancing the awareness and understanding of energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, alternative forms of transportation, and Alberta’s role in the energy transition.

The State of Events – March 11, 2021 Updates

To give us the current happenings of the industry we turned to Caitlin McElhone, the founder of CM Events and Government and Media Relations with the Alberta Live Events Coalition (ALEC) board. Here’s our mini-interview.

Customer Service In A Virtual World

Poor customer service. Nothing kills a good product or brand faster. Based on a poor experience, people will just spend their money elsewhere. Why invest in a brand that doesn’t want to invest in you? So why the exception when it comes to the virtual event space?

Clearing the Air on Virtual Event Platforms

The further we get into this virtual event landscape and the more time we spend planning virtual events, the more we realize that there are a lot of people are making assumptions about virtual events and, usually, about virtual event platforms specifically.

Tycoon's top 10 memories

Tycoon’s Top 10 Team Memories

During this last week of Tycoon’s 5th year of business, our team got a tad sentimental and reflected on some of our favourite memories from the last 5 years. Here’s Tycoon’s Top 10 Team Memories!

Tycoon’s Top 10 Industry Resources Part 2

Over this last year, we’ve done a whole lotta learning, adapting, and re-imagining. But that couldn’t have been done without some trusted, sound, and reliable sources. Tycoon’s Road Map To the Top 10 Industry Resources.

Sharing Some Love for #YEGLOCAL Outdoor Winter Events

This holiday season, the Tycoons are focusing on spreading some holiday cheer and sharing some local love to our outdoor favourite events that we’re grateful are still able to take place this season. Here are some of the events that our team has been visiting so far this holiday season!

Presenting the Presentation Stage

While many might think that events need to be strictly virtual, hybrid is certainly an option to be looking into. Presentation stages provide an opportunity to enhance attendee engagement, ensures that the appropriate (and essential if you ask us!) tech support is available at your fingertips,