Fall 2023 Design Trends

Textiles, silhouettes, colours, objects…

Here’s what to expect for fall design trends so that we can start to think of how to weave them into our event designs and decor plans.

Curvy silhouettes
Undulating shapes bring subtle movement for an instant calming effect.

Statement lighting
Sculptural and strong or perfectly pleated, statement lighting, from chandeliers to lamps, make a lasting impression. Drama is the name of the game – whether that comes in the design, size or color of the fixture.

Subtle shine on tableware, textiles and upholstery elevates any room. In terms of upholstery, fall’s biggest trend is velvet. Patina, woods and metals will also bring a soft glow to any space.

Textiles and patterns
Moving towards dimensional styles that play with lines, shapes, forms and figures will add a playful touch to your rooms. Handwoven textiles, printed velvet and patterned pillows add a thoroughly modern touch to a timeless trend.

Colour palettes
Use softer, lighter, dulled-down oranges and muted peachy tones. Browns, beige, brick red, sage green and honey gold will be popular. Use lots of white and light neutrals with honey and just a smidgen of black. Another color that is big for fall is blue, which looks stunning with honey tones. “Savory” isn’t just for autumnal herb-infused appetizers and winter meals – it’s also for fall decor.

– Your Tycoon, Eryne XO