Dedicated volunteers are an important part of the event industry. Many festivals and community events rely on the tireless efforts of these folks to ensure the success of the event and enhance the experience for all those attending.

On behalf of Tycoon Events, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to each and every one of our big-hearted volunteers. We look forward to your continued help and assistance in the months ahead.

Interested in joining our team on a more formal basis? Consider becoming an On-Site Event Contractor.

To become an On-Site Event Contractor with Tycoon Events, you must:

  • Demonstrate unparalleled drive and commitment
  • Volunteer for at least two events organized by Tycoon Events
  • Would like to work with Tycoon Events from time to time on a contract basis

It is our hope that this initiative will give those individuals who are a fit for our team a unique opportunity to join our Team Tycoon and share in our success.

To volunteer for an event organized by Tycoon Events, please email us at Please note that we kindly request a resume and one character reference to be included.