Wouldn’t you like to know! Well… we’d love to tell!

At Tycoon Events, we have a code of ethics that defines what makes a tycoon:

  • We are committed to providing the client with the highest quality of service. Tycoon views itself as a partner in the successful completion of each event or project.
  • We are committed, and prides ourselves, on providing distinctive value to our clients. We maintain the position that our service is consistently delivered above and beyond the expectations and criteria required for each event or project.
  • We are committed to working within the client’s timelines, budget, and scope of their needs and requirements. Any changes to quotes, proposals, and costs of services will be communicated in writing and with adequate and fair notice.
  • We are committed to codes of protocol and confidentiality with regards to clients and their projects.
  • We realize that the event or project is a reflection of the client and is a representative of their brand and is therefore committed to ensuring that the client is always positioned in a highly professional and authentic manner.

  • We are committed to directing and assisting the client in the most cost-effective manner to ensure the successful completion of their event or project.
  • We are committed to informing and educating our clients about the industry and best practices to assist clients in the successful planning and completion of their projects.
  • We believe that all transactions should be mutually beneficial and that the relationship with our clients and colleagues is based on good faith, trust, and respect.