Please note: This information was prepared based on restrictions that were in place in 2020.

Live. Hybrid. In-Person Events.

As event professionals we are incredibly excited about the possibility of returning to live event elements and in-person interactions, but the health and safety of our community remains a top priority during this time.

While things may look a bit different from when we last gathered together, we’ve been diligently following the governing mandates and consulting with our industry peers and partners to stay up to speed.

There’s a lot to consider, but we’re up for this exciting new challenge that will allow us to continue doing what we love — creating connection through experience.

So, let’s talk about how to make that happen.

STEP #1. Always reference the regulations and direction of your local health authorities and government mandates, prior to any live event or in-person interaction.

For residents and business based out of Alberta, please visit

STEP #2. Click below to read about our top 10 event planner tips and considerations that relate to some of the known guidelines for relaunch.

Is This Report For You?
This report is for anyone who is looking for suggestions or considerations in proceeding with live event elements during the remainder of 2020 while COVID 19 restrictions are in effect.

It is important to keep in mind that this report has been prepared from the lens of compliance with the governing regulations and guidelines for the province of Alberta, Canada. With the ever changing and ever-evolving circumstances, it is critical to ensure compliance with the most recent guidelines and announcement of your local health authorities and governing bodies of your region, at the time of your event or in person interactions.

Rest assured, as the protocols and guidelines change, our Tycoon Team and industry partners will continue to stay up-to-date and innovate to ensure that safety is top priority, in all that we do. 

And don’t forget, with innovation comes a lot of new, exciting, and unique opportunities too!