Wondering where to start? How about how to keep everyone safe? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Tycoon Events has made it simple, safe, and accessible, for organizations that want to create meaning for those they work with this holiday season!

We’ve put together a number of ideas that are COVID-19 safe and AHS approved. Speaking of COVID-19 health and safety protocols, we’ve also included a comprehensive list of tips and considerations for your reference.

These options are all completely customizable and we’ve thought about how to make each one family-friendly too!

Is This Package For You?
The six options laid out in this report could work well for anyone wanting to celebrate the holiday season during COVID. Whether that’s with your colleagues, clients, partners, or even friends and family … who doesn’t want a little jingle in their holiday mingle?! 

Tycoon will work closely with you to find the option that suits you best and put together a package that helps bring meaning to your holiday season.

All of our events (virtual, hybrid, or live) are designed with extraordinary attention to detail and plenty of imagination, ensuring a well-executed event with plenty of flair. Our creativity aids in producing unique ideas to each project while keeping your goal and budget top of mind. We’ll give you unique ways to engage your participants, boost engagement and bring your brand to life!