‘Cause Event Planners are Living in a Demanding World

Event Planners vs. Boundaries

As event planners, we consider ourselves problem solvers. No challenge too big, no hill too steep. There is always a solution to every problem, and with respect to events, a great event planner behind each solution.

BUT! With every great feat, there is likely a sacrifice. 

Many event professionals can likely attest to blurred lines between a work-life balance. Being available at all times of the day, going above and beyond the call of duty any day of the week, doing the odd favor here and there that creep into personal time.

With the new year underway, a challenge we’ve set for ourselves: setting boundaries and sticking to them! We’re talking about embracing the power of ‘no’, managing expectations and being comfortable with putting ourselves first every now and then, but with consistency.

We never want to disappoint a client, a vendor, or a colleague, but knowing our limits ensures that we’re giving our best and at our best. 

Now that you’re onboard, what’s next? It’s easy to talk about but the hard part is actually getting started.

BizBash has a great article, title ‘The Power of ‘No’: When (and How) to Turn Down a Prospective Client’, that breaks down some best practices to “assess if a job is the right fit, what client red flags they watch for, and how they gracefully turn down work—without burning bridges.” Hence, creating more space for oneself and working toward introducing more work-life balance.

One very important lesson that Tycoon learnt last year was knowing when it’s time to walk away from a client, but not before you’ve explored all other options (i.e. having a conversation with your client, revising expectations, looking into alternatives that work for you and your client, revisiting the contract, etc.). Whether it’s breach of contract, not respecting your ‘online’ or in office hours, or simply not understanding that your time is valuable, just as theirs is. And you know what? Trust your gut – that underutilized tool that we all internally possess.

As Jennifer Taylor, principle of Jen Taylor Consulting, says in her article, ‘Managing Event Client Expectations and Boundaries‘, “Setting boundaries with clients can feel a bit uncomfortable at first, especially if you’re used to answering to them. Remember that boundaries are the best way to protect yourself and your business from being taken advantage of and stretched too thin.”

From being someone who goes from boundary-less to putting ‘you’ first is difficult. Once you start you’ll wonder why you never did it before. Just remember, consistency is key into keeping this all-too-important habit at the top of your priority list, while keeping your clients happy and as a top priority.

-XO, Eryne

Eryne Sarabin is the founder and lead strategist of Tycoon Events. She started Tycoon Events in 2015 as a one-woman operation and currently has a team of event professionals and support staff who are based out of downtown Edmonton, Alberta. You can catch up with Eryne on LinkedIn or get a glimpse into our world @TycoonEvents on Instagram.