State of Events -March 2022 Update

Goodbye (almost all) pandemic mandates and hello event attendee apprehension! After many, many months of physical distancing, QR codes and other mandates, many provinces are  finally lifting their mandatory COVID-19 …

The Rise of Micro Events

Over the past year we have seen a rise in ‘micro events’, and while they have been around for longer, this sudden rise can be attributed to the capacity and …

The Free-Fall of 2021

Remember that time I jumped out of an airplane and plummeted to the ground at 200 km/h? That’s how I felt about 2021. But let me explain why.

State of Events – January 2022 Update

We’re excited to put 2021 behind us and hopeful that with the years’ end, so will be the end of COVID-19! While the entire event industry is cautiously optimistic and …

State of Events – December 2021 Update

Tis the season for festive holiday packages! And, thanks to Covid, more packages than ever are being shipped out as businesses around the world look to send their clients, vendors, and employees gifts to mark the end of the year.

Talking About Our Mental Health

We’re using this World Mental Health Day as an opportunity to reflect on our lives and how we take care of ourselves as young professionals.

State of Events – October 2021 Update

We are taking in-depth look at insurance policies that have changed since COVID-19 took over, and some of the things you need to consider before confirming your next in-person event.

State of Events – September 2021 Update

In this month’s State of Events, we’re talking about the difference between events touting COVID-19 buzz words to encourage ticket sales and actually doing everything in their power to be safe.