State of Events – August 2021 Update

We’re diving into the Calgary Stampede and how it’s played a leading role in the large event space in the “post”-COVID world. What went well? What didn’t? And how can we learn from it?

Inclusion in 2021

There are a lot of factors to consider when planning an inclusive event. Here, we break down key elements for successful hybrid events.

Lessons Learned, Virtually!

With our last few virtual events in the rearview mirror, we’re reflecting back on many lessons learned. Here are, among the many, our top 5 areas of tips and tricks to set your next virtual event up for success.

Honouring Indigenous Peoples

We believe that it is important to honour Indigenous peoples at any and all events throughout the year. One of the best ways to demonstrate respect is to follow the protocols that have been put in place.

Event Design Part 1: What The Heck Is It?

Event design is more than just the physical set-up that is seen during an event. Event design is an all-encompassing strategy of the event: from first touch-point to post-event emails or post-event follow ups.

How to ensure your event is LGBTQIA2S+ inclusive

Ensuring that your event is inclusive to members of the LBTQIA2S+ community is so important! There are a number of measures that should be considered when planning your event, most that can be applied to virtual, hybrid or in-person formats.

State of Events – June 2021 Update

With the recent provincial Open for Summer Plan announcement, and in-person events well on their way, we explore the best ways to ensure guests are comfortable, feel welcome, and that identifiers and communications are clear.

The State of Events – May 6, 2021 Updates

Planners are beginning to eagerly edge their way out of virtual events, as their desire for in-person events prevails. But is it too early and does this conflict with our ethical duties? Just because you could, doesn’t mean you should!

The State of Events – April 7, 2021 Updates

The event industry may be seeing a bit of progress in terms of more events turning to virtual platforms instead of flat out cancelling, but Alberta, with the recent change to go back to Step 1 may have another hold placed on events.

Virtual Event Budgets: Expenses to Expect

There is a lot of uncertainty around what to expect when budgeting for a virtual event and where to start. Here are our recommendations for the four main expense buckets that are quite typical for most virtual events.

Solar Show 2021 Event Recap

Hosted by Solar Alberta, this four-day virtual conference offered all types of content and covered a wide variety of topics, advancing the awareness and understanding of energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, alternative forms of transportation, and Alberta’s role in the energy transition.

The State of Events – March 11, 2021 Updates

To give us the current happenings of the industry we turned to Caitlin McElhone, the founder of CM Events and Government and Media Relations with the Alberta Live Events Coalition (ALEC) board. Here’s our mini-interview.

Customer Service In A Virtual World

Poor customer service. Nothing kills a good product or brand faster. Based on a poor experience, people will just spend their money elsewhere. Why invest in a brand that doesn’t want to invest in you? So why the exception when it comes to the virtual event space?