How to ensure your event is LGBTQIA2S+ inclusive

To ensure that your event is inclusive to members of the LBTQIA2S+ community there are a number of measures that should be considered when planning your event. As best practice, many of these should be implemented for all events and formats: virtual, hybrid, and in-person.

For Virtual, Hybrid or In-person events:

  • If possible, remove gender from the registration form. Not everyone is
    comfortable with disclosing their gender so if it is not necessary, leave it out!
  • If your registration process requires you to include gender, avoid using the options of “male, female, or other”. Instead offer a blank area where attendees are able to fill in their gender without feeling like the exception.
  • Make it possible for attendees to share their pronouns
    • In person or hybrid events should offer pronoun stickers
    • Virtual or Hybrid events should suggest that attendees include their pronouns in their screen name
  • Create a code of conduct or inclusion policy prior to the event so that the expectations are clear for all attendees. This can also be referred to if a situation arises during the event.
  • Ensure that speakers and presenters avoid using gendered language when addressing or referring to attendees.
    • Stay away from the use of: Ladies, Gentlemen, Ma’am, Sir, Girls, Guys, His or Hers.
    • Use inclusive language such as: Friends, Folks, Distinguished Guests, Everyone, Y’all, Team.
  • Prior to the event, speak with your staff to ensure that they are using inclusive language and best practices during the event.

For in-person events:

  • Consider whether or not your venue has Gender Neutral Bathrooms already or if the current bathrooms can be accommodating to all Genders (with the addition of appropriate signage and communication).
  • When planning the dress code for the event, be sure to avoid using gender when referring to what you would like the attendees to wear.
    • Instead of saying, women should wear dresses and men wear tuxedos, offer a list of suggested clothing without designating the clothing to either gender.

● Ensure that text in collateral and visual content remains neutral.

If you are a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community and feel that we have left out a suggestion that would make events more inclusive to you, or have noticed we made an error please email us at to let us know.

– Your Tycoon, Lindsay XO