An Event Planner Does What? 2021 Virtual Event Edition

Photo by Nick Hurschmann, BioWare Holiday Event 2020

Have you ever considered hiring an event planner, but are not entirely sure what they do or what value they bring to the table?

While event planners make the day of the event look easy, flawless and cohesive, it’s important to remember that a lot of work goes into the behind-the-scenes planning – including the often overlooked – risk management. 

A true event professional will have every detail of an event accounted for –  down to the minute – accompanied by several contingency plans to capture all the ‘what if’s’ and potential challenges that may arise.

Here is a high level overview of what we as event planners do to ensure your event is a success:

Prior to any event, we focus on:

  • Event design and objectives by:
    • Curating the event design with all stakeholders and attendees in mind. It’s important that all facets of the event are user friendly, accessible and without barriers. 
    • Understanding the key objectives of the event to ensure that critical event-related decisions are aligned with the goals of the event.
    • If appropriate, ensuring that the event is designed with succession in mind and to set up alignment with the following year(s). 
    • Creating and implementing a sustainability and accessibility plan.
  • Finding a virtual event platform:
    • If the event is being done virtually, we research and recommend a shortlist of virtual event platforms best suited to your event needs, your target audience and demographic, and your budget.
  • Administration and training by:
    • Creating all the support resources needed to empower and inform all of the stakeholders involved with the event, like speakers, moderators, panelists, hosts, etc.,
    • Facilitating all of the training, onboarding and rehearsals required, and
    • Project managing, and developing and implementing timelines.
  • Managing volunteers and event staff by:
    • Identifying and defining the various roles and areas where staffing support is needed,
    • Drafting a volunteer call out, managing volunteer recruitment and registration, managing communications, and hosting volunteer orientations, 
    • Coming up with a staffing schedule, and
    • Ensuring that all volunteers and event staff are equipped with the information and training they require for the day(s) of the event.
  • Developing and executing marketing and communications strategies to reach targeted audiences and create general awareness of the event.
    • The marketing and communications plans create a greater awareness of the event, increase registrations, elevate engagement and the event conversation.
    • A well thought out event promotion strategy becomes part of the storytelling process that aligns with the purpose of the event, which, on a much larger and more holistic scale, is part of our clients’ overarching vision. 
  • Just about every aspect of event planning gives us an opportunity to get creative, but there’s something we love about coming up with strategic sponsorship and fundraising packages. 
    • We make sure to take the time to understand our clients and what potential sponsors could align with their organization and their values.
    • We love to make recommendations to our clients about who they should be reaching out to so that the event supporters align with their company’s mission.

On the day of the event, we:

  • Manage all the logistics, whether it is virtually, onsite at the AV studio, or onsite at the event venue.
  • Oversee (virtual) stage management, the event flow and timings, and act as a direct point-of-contact between the client, venue, entertainment, AV, event staff and volunteers.
  • Implement any contingency plans that may be required.
  • Are responsible for and are the main point of contact for all event staff.
  • Look after event promotions and outreach during your event by capturing key moments and take the event conversation online. 
    • Each promotion strategy is tailored to meet the goals and demands of each event. With purpose, detail, and clarity in our event promotions, we never lose sight of our client’s main goals and large-scale strategies.

Is hiring an event planner worth it?

When you hire an event professional, you’re investing in full scale event management. The planner is responsible for consulting, project management, onsite logistics, decor plans and styling (for in-person events), event volunteers and staffing, sponsorship, registration, marketing, promotions, communications, stage and production management, and vendor and venue coordination. 

Their job as the main point of contact for the event is to make sure there is cohesion, clarity, collaboration, communication, timeliness, organization, and order to the planning process. 

At Tycoon Events, we are passionate about the work we do and strive to capture our clients’ event vision and achieve their desired outcome. 

Now that you know a little more about what we do, fill in our questionnaire about your next event and we can get into the nitty gritty details of what we can do for you!