How Digital Events Have Shaped this Year’s Trends

After two years of connecting virtually and learning how to execute virtual events well, the approach to event planning has changed.  As the landscape of the event industry continually changed throughout 2021, the team at Tycoon Events found it paramount to look ahead to the emerging trends for the coming 2022 year. With an overwhelming number of trend reports and industry predictions available to readers – of which some information was conflicting – we wanted to provide a concise resource that encompassed the most probable and impactful ideas, in a consolidated and meaningful way.

That is why we created our own Event Trends Report for 2022.  In this article, we will examine and summarize some of the top trends emerging in 2022 and include our personal predictions for the coming year.

Trend #1 – Sustainability and Carbon Offsetting 

The significance of including sustainability and carbon offsetting as a mandatory component of your event design is about making it a long-term plan rather than a short-term focus on a popular issue.

Our Predictions: 

  • Use of local companies for event components 
  • Attendees not as willing to travel for events
  • Increased collaboration with sustainable focused companies 
  • Event companies offering carbon offsetting as part of their services 
  • Green initiatives put forth from venues

Trend #2 – Event Format

Get used to it: virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. And while we’re seeing in-person events slowly making their return, we predict that their scale will be reduced, focusing on the attendee experience, level of comfort and safety, and perception of value. 

Our Predictions: 

  • Shorter virtual events
  • In-person microevents
  • High quality event production to meet attendees expectations in virtual spaces
  • More ‘up close and personal’ conversations and Q&As with speakers
  • Breaks happening more often for socialization and to discuss learnings at sessions

Trend #3 – The Event Lifespan

Asynchronous learning allows one to learn or ‘show up’ on their own schedule, within a certain timeframe. Attendees will be looking for us to bring additional value through asynchronous sessions and the expansion of event timelines to cater to their availability, bandwidth, and attention span. 

Our Predictions: 

  • Less attendees watching the event live, higher number opting for tuning in when the timing is convenient for them
  • On-demand content available for a longer period of time
  • Re-issuing content throughout the year to remind registrants that they can still access content
  • Hyping up public events long before they start, to create a buzz or bring awareness

Trend #4 – Technology

We encourage you to focus on trying new things and utilize emerging technologies to incorporate customization for your attendees at every point. With some amazing technologies on the horizon, we are able to step out of the box even further, to offer never before seen types of entertainment, connection and engagement.

Our Predictions: 

  • Range of options to accommodate any possible limitations (physical or mental impairments, geographical, financial)
  • Digital gifts, giveaways and swag – even NFT’s!
  • Metaverse-style meetings, using avatars and augmented reality 
  • Stacking event technology: instead of using one platform to do everything, using multiple platforms

Trend #5 – Human-centric Design

With human connection at the forefront of planning any event, rethinking what engagement means for an in-person event versus online experience becomes incredibly important. Our attendees will gauge whether to attend an event based on these fundamental pillars: people, planet, purpose, and prosperity.

Our Predictions: 

  • Increased focus on health and wellness, especially mental wellbeing
  • Un-plugged spaces available, and brain breaks throughout events 
  • Comfort considerations in every aspect of an event, from food accommodations to diversity with speakers, to inclusivity and equity at registration 

The events industry continues to see rapid changes and advancements that are propelling us into the future of events. As we find new ways to connect, engage, and build customized experiences, it is more important than ever to be able to adapt and think outside of the box. Innovation and genuine connections will be invaluable in building a better attendee experience and continued engagement from events, regardless of the content or if it is hybrid, virtual or in-person.  

– Your Tycoon, Steph XOXO

Read the Full Event Trends Report

The information provided above is a nod to what information can be found in our Event Trends Report. Read through the full report to gain a better understanding of how the trends apply  to your hybrid, virtual and in-person events.