The Free-Fall of 2021

Remember that time I jumped out of an airplane and plummeted to the ground at 200 km/h (for those of you who don’t remember, I committed myself to go skydiving to raise money for Adeara, one of Tycoon’s Community Partners)? That’s how I felt about 2021. But let me explain why.

That feeling of excitement and anticipation as you await your turn to board the plane – that’s how I felt about the start to 2021. A new year, new opportunities, onward and upward.

Going up, up, up in that small, tiny plane with bumps here and there, with so many thoughts racing through your head; that is what last year felt like. The ups and downs. The uncertainty of what lays ahead and the turbulent times we experienced.

And then, with one quick push, you’re free falling towards the earth. At first, the speed of falling takes your breath away and the deafening sound of the wind is all that you can hear. You tumble and you roll; you seem out of control. Until your parachute opens, and you find yourself gliding. It’s calm and it’s quiet. You catch your breath and your thoughts.

Before you know it, you’re back on land and trying to get your footing. You’ve just experienced something overwhelming but something achievable. And just as one challenge ends, another is just around the corner, waiting to begin.

2021 brought the tycoons a lot of highs and a lot of lows, with a lot of bumps along the way. We welcomed new members to our team, and we said good-bye to some. We continued to navigate our way through the virtual event space and soak up as much information as we could. There were moments that took our breath away, moments where it felt like we were tumbling, and moments where we were gliding.

Despite the challenges, last year was a year of celebration! We received the most awards recognizing our work to date and had the opportunity to participate and share in several publications. Our team was able to celebrate these achievements together (in-person) and we also brought new clients into our family. We anxiously awaited the opportunity to work with many of our existing clients as well and we undertook one of our largest projects to date, before the year end.

Determination, tears, commitment, struggles, tenacity, stress (lots of it!), and teamwork. The ebbs and the flows. That was 2021 to Tycoon. While we never truly knew what was waiting for us around the next corner, we made the commitment to each other, to face it head on.

It’s with that same mindset and that same promise to one another that we stride into 2022. And while the rollercoaster ride that is the event industry continues – for how long, who knows – we’ll keep doing what we do best because it’s the ‘tycoon’ way.