Virtual events: The relationship between your audience and technology

When planning a virtual event, there are a lot of things to consider: what platform to use, how you will maintain audience engagement, and all of the logistics of speakers/entertainers.

Just as importantly, remember that just because you (and your team) is familiar with the technology and the platform, doesn’t mean that your audience automatically will be, too. 

Out biggest tip is to prepare a set of Technology FAQs for attendees. Send them out before the event – it’ll give attendees time to familiarize themselves with what to expect before the event starts.

When creating your FAQs, consider the following:

  • What browsers are compatible with your virtual platform?
  • What browsers won’t work with your platform?
  • Is the content available for viewing from a smartphone or tablet, or does it require a computer/laptop?
  • What your attendee can troubleshoot if they can’t connect to the platform.
    • Is their internet connection stable?
    • Do they have settings on their browser that aren’t allowing the platform to run?
  • What if the attendee is not computer literate? What basic information will they need to know to log on and have a comfortable viewing experience?
  • Will you be able to offer live technical support during your event? If so, how will attendees contact you?
  • Does the attendee have to update any of their personal information on the platform to gain access to all of the features? If so, they will need detailed instructions on how to do this.

These are just the basic technical support issues that your attendees may come across when accessing your event and a great place to start.  

If you’re not sure where to go from here, reach out! We’ve been around the virtual event ‘block’ a few times and will happily create a Technology FAQs document for you on a consultation basis.

– Your Tycoon, Lindsay XO