State of Events – November 2021 Update

With Halloween behind us, it’s time to begin thinking about the holidays!

Unfortunately in Alberta, things are still under a minor ‘lockdown’: vaccinated folks are getting together in groups no larger than 10, while the unvaccinated aren’t meant to venture further than their own home.

Regardless of vaccination status, we feel, as event planners, that there are no limits to providing recognition for your employees, stakeholders, and volunteers this holiday season.

Last year was unpredictable, leaving many companies financially insecure or feeling that yet another Zoom call would burn people out. It was common to see companies opting to let their employees take the holidays to do as they wished without providing much in terms of celebration or appreciation.

That said, doing nothing this year is not an option. Getting creative to thank your people for their hard is the name of the game this year. And we’re here to help with a few ideas:

  1. Send packages. Locally, you can send craft beer in coolers through caterers in the area, artisan curated eatery options, or even local crafts that correspond with crafting classes that your employees can join virtually.
  2. Send a note. With Kudoboard, you can send them virtually – or better yet, send a handwritten note (which you can scan and print for multiple gifts) with a personal gift.
  3. Consider gift cards. But not just your basic UberEats gc’s. Think beyond food, with movie rental vouchers, which allow your staff to stay home, relax and get comfy watching their favorite holiday film, or Die Hard!
  4. Create a social night! Virtual escape rooms, racing games, team-building games and trivia nights are great mini events that are casual and limited in terms of time, and allow employees to get together in a non-traditional Zoom setting and try things they may have never done before. In addition, a lot of virtual game options are unlimited in numbers and are cost effective.

If you are interested in pursuing more holiday ideas, have a look at our Holiday Event Guide for more inspiration, or reach out to us to start planning your event!

– Your Tycoon, Steph XO