How Event Planners Help You Meet Your Objectives

A successful event is a work of art and we’re not talking about the ones that have been “pulled off”. We’re referring to meaningful gatherings where every detail has been carefully crafted and every minute accounted for. Where stakeholders were delighted, attendees were engaged and overall expectations were exceeded.

And, did we mention… all of that within budget?!

The event journey you take your guests on spans from the first touch-point to weeks after the event is over and has the ability to affect and change behaviours. That is why event planning requires a look at ALL of the details. It goes beyond creating a plan, and embodies a full understanding of what obstacles to anticipate (since there WILL be obstacles), how to overcome them in a time-sensitive and cost-effective way, and never, ever, loses sight of the big picture aka your objectives!

So why should you hire an event planner?

We Have the Experience

Event planners are efficient and diligent when planning events, as the skill sets needed to accomplish the job are within our wheelhouse. Team Tycoon has been collectively working on events for over 30 years and have experience with in-person events, virtual events, and hybrid events.

We excel in the areas of communication, marketing, event design, graphic design, project management, logistics, and onsite coordination. We’re an innovate team with broad experience, which results in a high level of customer service.

We Have the Resources

We have connections with preferred partners, for things such as AV services, catering, and entertainment, which allows us to secure better rates and ensure quality services. We can utilize local businesses or tap into nationwide networks, as needed, while being mindful of budget and carbon footprint.

It’s our job to keep your budget in check and we know where to prioritize funds, energy, resources, and time. We will efficiently be able to enlist support services from many partnerships within the industry to bring your vision to life and capture your desired outcome, all within budget.

We Have the Mindset

Events are stressful by nature and even the most well planned events are not without challenges or ‘hiccups’. Having a professional utilize their tools, resources and abilities will allow for your internal staff and/or teams to stay focused on the tasks they need to prioritize while resting assured that their vision will come to life.

When the day of the event comes, you will be able to focus on on what is most important – bringing your values and purpose to life and we’ll be there to troubleshoot any difficulties that may come up to ensure that the event is a success.

Details are our Lives

Organizing an event is a large undertaking but with the support of an event planner (or team) with strong organizational and communication skills, years of experience, and a passion for detail, hosting your perfect event is easy.

We manage the timelines and deliverables of the event, establishing a thoughtful critical path, assigning all action items and establishing important deadlines. We manage the aesthetics, or “feel” of the event, logistics and any day-of/on-site components of your event, making them accessible and inclusive. We can also manage all of the key stakeholders of your event, including volunteers, event staff, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers. 

We’re Thinking Long-Term

While we are working on your event and getting to know your company and values, we are also considering the scalability of your event in the future. Say your event is a huge success (why wouldn’t it be?!) and you want to expand on it over time… we can support you to produce a larger event and keep your long terms goals in mind!

Whether you’re hosting an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, there are many things to consider. Now we’re not going to tell you WHY you need an event planner (who are we to say) or that you SHOULD hire an event planner (we won’t judge) but we are going to share how an event planner can set you up for success!

If you have an event coming up where you feel like we could help you meet your business objectives, please fill out our questionnaire and let’s do this! 

– Team Tycoon, XO