Throw an epic holiday event, regardless of what the restrictions are.

If we’ve learned anything over the last year and a half, it’s that COVID can’t stop us from hosting events. Holiday events are no exception – especially since they’re meant to celebrate and uplift. And boy, could we use that this year.

Why hire an event planner?

There is so much to consider when planning events right now; peoples’ safety being the most important thing. 

With everything happening with the pandemic, now‘s not the time to DIY your event. Sometimes, it’s best to bring in professionals.

At Tycoon Events, we:

  • Know and stay on top of safety protocols, and have tips and tricks for implementing them.
  • Have finessed running virtual and hybrid events that are just as magical and over-the-top as any in-person events.
  • Can contingency plan with our eyes closed.

for your December 2021 holiday event.