As the Leaders/the Dreamers/the Thinkers, our clients have a Mission. As the Storyteller, Tycoon Events has a Purpose and our Purpose is simple:

Curate an immersive, customized opportunity (an event) that pioneer our client’s mission (their dream, their vision, their strategy, their brand story) into connections, commitments, and actions that move, inspire, and provoke thought.

Events tell a story and it’s Tycoon’s goal to create a narrative to each event that we work on that align with our client’s annual strategies, goals, campaigns, and brand story.

Tycoon Events curates opportunities for people to gather, to provoke thought, and ultimately curate moments to connect people with one another and engage in a common dialogue. But in order for there to identify the thread that weaves both the client and the audience together into one seamless experience, the event, we have identified that value is most effectively added when we are able to be a part of the early discussions as to how the year ahead will be planned out.

Having a seat at the table to discuss how events can be introduced or incorporated into marketing initiatives, outreach campaigns, employee engagement, professional development, program launches, and more – now that’s value added.

Approaching annual planning with this proactive, holistic style not only promises to elevate the event, but will also increase the synergy among our client’s annual initiatives, and help strengthen brand equity.

So why not invite us to pull up a chair at the table?! Before you know it we’ll feel like a part of the team.

To inquire about these services and applicable hourly rates, please contact us to discuss further. You can also email us at