On July 9, 2018 the Tycoons got to be part of the official Open House event for the new Alberta Green Biotech facility.

At the event, RavenQuest unveiled its Orbital Garden technology, “OG 2.0”, which will revolutionize cannabis production. Under RavenQuest’s design, the Orbital Gardens are stacked three high and two wide, allowing for 500 square feet of grow space inside a 64 square foot footprint, dramatically changing the conversation around square footage as it pertains to cannabis production.

Pulled from the company’s June 28, 2018 press release:

RavenQuest CEO, George Robinson, remarked As we near completion of Alberta Green Biotech, installation of the OG 2.0 systems into the grow rooms has begun. We are excited to reveal this paradigm shift to the public because it’s so much more than a story of dollars and cents. Certainly, our gardens’ productivity will be more than twice the industry average, will use 80% less power and 50% less water than the old-fashioned “flat table” growing environments. But we believe the real story here is sustainability. Industry wide, Canadian companies are going to be growing a lot of cannabis. With this kind of scale, it’s important we conduct ourselves responsibly and care for the environment”.

When RavenQuest reached out for help a little over a week before the event, knowing that the Tycoons love a good challenge and great people, our answer was “heck yes”!

Here’s a sneak peek inside the “Canadian-inspired” Open House event:

AV: invert720 Productions
Beer and Wines from Canada: Sherbrooke Liquor
Catering featuring a Canadiana-inspired and locally sourced menu: Stir Catering
Client: RavenQuest Bio Med Inc.
DJ providing tunes from Canadian artists: Thomas Culture
Event Photography: Ampersand Grey
Event Support: Tycoon Events