Objective: Alberta Blue Cross wanted more businesses, firms and communities to have the important conversation about wellness in the workplace. Not only were we tasked with ensuring the conversations were being had, but we had to ensure we were supplying tools and resources for executives, managers and employees to bring back to their place of work. We had to make the day comfortable and accessible to all learning styles, which can become quite the challenge!

Outcomes: The Wellness Summit’s inaugural year was a massive success! The conference started with an inspiring keynote speaker, which funneled down to smaller breakout sessions with many thought leaders. Topics such as leadership, employee efficiency and the benefits of meditation were all brought to the table. To keep up the wellness feel throughout the day, several breaks were provided with nutritious eats; lavender bundles and calming scented oils were given away; and ‘Wellbooks’ with thought-provoking questions and information were provided to every attendee. The day ended with a final keynote speaker, who kept the crowd energized, and even received a standing ovation; needless to say, everyone left feeling inspired!