Objective: While many workplaces have shifted to focus on their employees, people need connection now more than ever. True connection eliminates feelings of isolation and loneliness. These common stressors can lead to mental health issues. This event focuses on inclusive culture and psychological safety, exploring the impact of mental health and what it takes to maximize effectiveness and create a thriving organization.

Outcome: It was another Wellness Summit for the books – the digital books that is. The Wellness Summit 2021, a virtual workplace wellness conference tailored around inclusive culture and psychological safety, was held over the course of two half-days for nearly 300 attendees. Event participants explored how mental health can impact and shape wellness in the workplace, explored how to maximize effective wellness programs, and learned how to create a thriving organization. The event included keynote presentations, concurrent sessions, wellness breaks, panel discussions, networking groups, gamification, a virtual tote full of topical resources, and much more!

For more information about the event, including all of the speakers, please visit www.thewellnesssummit.ca.

Virtual Event Platform: PheedLoop

Recap Video Credit: Alberta Blue Cross