At the end of July, a new client, Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API), approached us to assist them with their Life Sciences Week (in conjunction with Global Biotech Week) in late September. With only 9 weeks to pull off 3 separate events in a single week, we got straight to work on fulfilling the goals of each experience. 

A bit of background: Global Biotech Week is recognized internationally as a time to showcase new and innovative ways that startups and other organizations are using technology to push forward in the pharmaceutical industry. API wanted to spearhead the way forward for Edmonton and wanted to gain new audiences and rapport among their industry, hence the inception and proclamation of Life Sciences Week.

The main objective of API’s Life Sciences Week (LSW) was to showcase API; highlighting their organization to government factions, entrepreneurs and the greater STEM community. By doing this, their company would be able to push forward with pharmaceutical projects within the city and province, allow more entrepreneurs to bring more helpful products to people, and provide more open dialogue and communication with interested communities. 

The week’s signature events included a Kickoff Event to start the week, a Forum during the week for learning, and a Wrap Up Event to end the week on a high. All of these events were targeted at different audiences: government, industry, and public, which meant we had to tailor each experience. 

In order to ensure the above goal, we needed to have great food, a selection of quality beverages, learning opportunities, business connectivity, social celebrations and seamless experiences for guests. 


The 3 different events brought a lot of interest and curiosity to this industry. To recap, here are a few stats: 

  • Over 400 people attended the signature events throughout the week 
  • 3 ministers and the Mayor of Edmonton attended the events 
  • 10 startup companies were recognized at the final event wrap-up 

The Kickoff Event was hosted at the Queen Elizabeth II building on a Monday. Guests checked in, were given a t-shirt and branded swag bag and went upstairs to the meeting room. Upstairs, guests were treated to delicious bites of food and non-alcoholic beverage options. They listened to welcome speeches from API’s CEO and the government officials in attendance, and then had the mayor officially declare the week of September 25th as Life Sciences Week. Guests were then able to network and enjoy the refreshments before departing. All of the decor was designed to leverage the event branding, with custom throw pillows, and greens with custom planter boxes on tables. 

The next day, the Forum was hosted at the Enterprise Square building on the main floor, where the API office is also situated on the top floor. When industry experts and guests from the public arrived at registration, they were given a branded lanyard and badge. The main space was set up with rounds and lounge furniture so guests could easily find a comfortable space to eat, listen to the forum, or mingle. The two hour event encompassed a round-table of fireside chats with industry professionals, a buffet dinner and non-alcoholic refreshment options. After the forum, guests were able to take tours of the API offices and don a t-shirt if they didn’t already receive one at Monday’s event. To ensure the continuation of style between the events, we included the same custom pillows and planters for this event. 

On the last day of LSW, API hosted the Wrap Up Event as an evening social in their office. In addition to an open bar and a delicious abundance of food options, startup companies could showcase their products while industry experts and the community could come learn more about them. The space already had beautiful office furniture in it, but we had to make it functional and modern with changes to the layout and uplighting. As startups were showcasing their ideas and concepts, they needed to have a podium and the ability to play slides on screens, so we also had to bring in full AV for the event. This Wrap Up Event was so popular that guests stayed well past the event conclusion and celebrated into the evening. 

Life Sciences Week was a huge success. Hosting 3 events to separate audiences allowed API to spread the word about their company throughout many different audiences of people. All guests had the opportunity to learn more about the biotech industry, how it is growing and helping people, and how they can get involved moving forward. Team Tycoon already has ideas about how to grow the event for next year!