Objective: The objective of the video game launch party was to ensure that, regardless of location, all staff were able to celebrate the hard work of an entire team. With staff located in Edmonton, Vancouver, and all across Canada it was important to connect everyone and curate a shared experience.

Outcome: Edmonton’s event was held at The Cabin, while Vancouver’s event was held at The Den. There were a number of staff who were able to view both parties via a Zoom field that was set up.

It was important that Edmonton’s event could view Vancouver’s event, and Vancouver could view Edmonton’s event. Setting up a Zoom feed allowed everyone to access each other’s live event feeds. Our DJ, live in Edmonton, was also logged into Zoom so that requests could be taken from staff located all across Canada. The audio was also patched in to Vancouver’s event so that Vancouver attendees could experience the DJ, virtually.

With “Mythforce” being very much inspired by 80’s Saturday morning cartoons, it was important for us to capture the feeling and curate an environment that mimicked that.

In addition to 80’s themed décor, other elements of the event included:
– 80’s inspired live music, which included playing the “Mythforce” theme song to cue the formal presentation
– Various 80’s vintage board games such as Operation, Guess Who?, Ker-Plunk, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Perfection, Lite Brite, and more!
– 80’s cartoons: He-Man, Thundercats, and Ghost Busters
– 80’s movies: Batteries Not Included, Gremlins, and The Goonies
– 80’s cult classic movie posters
– Video game consoles with retro video games
– Gaming laptops which allowed guests to play “Mythforce”
– Swag bags with “Mythforce” items
– Thematic arrival cocktails
– A curated menu that, with collaborative efforts, was the same between Edmonton and Vancouver

With this being the first time that many of the company’s team members seeing one another in-person, it was important for us to create pockets of space for everyone to mix, mingle, and get to know one another – both in-person and virtually.