Objective: Having planned the BioWare holiday events since 2018, Tycoon has gained a lot of insight into how the staff and guests like to celebrate! The difference for 2019 was going bigger and better than the last (if that was even possible?!). Every great event starts with a clear purpose or theme. The theme for the 2019 event was a play on fire and ice, tropical versus arctic chill! Some of our challenges included working with the new JW Marriott venue, making sure we included enough activities to keep our guests satisfied, and planning an entire event that topped the previous year substantially, not to mention we only had 2 months to bring everything together!

Outcome: “A Holiday Adventure Like No Other” was truly like no other and was essentially designed to be two events in one! Upon arrival to the event, stewardesses greeted guests in the elevators and took them up to event registration on the 2nd floor. A pilot host then welcomed guests as they had reached their final destination and escorted them to the 3rd floor event space.

Our team transformed the entire 3rd floor of the JW Marriott into three entirely different spaces: A space based on Quebec’s Rue de Petit Champlain with winter themed activities; a town centre, which was our neutral space for food, bars, music and entertainment; lastly, we had another space designed based on Mexico’s La Condesa Colonia packed with festive and bright activations. Some of our activities included a giant snow globe photo booth, an ice fishing game, robot racing around a miniature version of Rue de Petit Champlain, airbrush tattoos, printmaking, terrarium building, a Souvenir Shop for guests to store all of their keepsakes at while at the event, two tasting bars (Vodka Tasting Bar n the Quebec side and Mezcal Tasting Bar on the Mexico side), a Travel Agent Shop for guests to get their taxi and uber vouchers from, and many more. The evening also showcased multiple pop-up performances in the town center’s gazebo, themed foods, and an upbeat DJ that kept the party running early into the next morning!

Given the chance to take a holiday trip, would you take in the festive sights and sounds of Quebec’s Rue de Petit Champlain or immerse yourself in the holiday culture and liveliness of Mexico’s famous La Condesa Colonia?

Wonder no more! You’ve just won a holiday trip of a lifetime! Your two destinations – Quebec’s Rue de Petit Champlain and Mexico’s La Condesa Colonia – couldn’t be more different. Pack your bags. Your holiday adventure like no other awaits!