Objective: Our challenge was to create an event worthy of celebrating and connecting the people that helped bring Capital Power to its 10th successful year and Genesee to it’s 30th successful year. With a diverse audience, it was important to create an experience with that would resonate with everyone as it truly was an event to recognize the people in the room. The event had to be the perfect balance of backyard extravaganza and classic evening under the stars, executed in an un-traditional way.

Outcomes: The Foyer area was curated to be a lakeside property’s garden area that transitioned into the backyard with lakeside views once guests entered into Hall D. All video footage on the screens immersed guests in their environments and was curated to create the dusk to dawn effect we wanted to achieve. This mimicked sundown and the lighting that guests could see when looking out on Edmonton’s River Valley from Hall D. Service was done family-style to support the feeling of having a family cookout, with the menu for the evening being printed on each guest’s bread bag. From custom decks and boardwalks, pergolas, Adirondak chairs around the fire, custom bocce ball court, mini golf, ladder ball, live entertainment spread over three stages, pop up reception performances, roving performers, a living photo opp wall, and so much more, this event was truly ‘a celebration like no other’.