Objective: The main objectives of Covenant Health’s Wellness Community Announcement Event were to:

  • Kick off the first of the five phases of this project.
  • Raise awareness about the project and build future connections within the community and stakeholders.
  • Include government and media in supporting and celebrating this community project.

The event was an announcement to the community, local media, potential donors, stakeholders involved in the project, and internal Covenant Health leadership, staff, and volunteers.

The attendance goal was to have at least 100 people attend the event virtually. 

Outcome: The Covenant Health Wellness Community Announcement Event was held on February 15th, 2022. It included 22 minutes of greetings and presentations from the speakers followed by a media scrum. 

Speakers at the event included:

  • Hon. Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta
  • Hon. Jason Copping, Minister of Health
  • Hon. Tyler Shandro, Minister of Labour and Immigration
  • Patrick Dumelie, Covenant Health CEO
  • Ed Stelmach, Covenant Health Board Chair

All of the speakers offered their greetings live and in-person from the production studio, with the exception of Minister Shandro who joined remotely via Zoom. There were 16 media persons that joined virtually via Zoom to watch the speakers live and then engage in the moderated media scrum at the end of the event.

Other government officials, media members, and members of the community were also able to view the event live through a Vimeo feed which had over 1,400 viewers, of which approximately 1,100 were unique views. 

This event succeeded in accomplishing its goals of engaging the community and government. 

Event Platforms: Vimeo and Zoom