Objective: After all of the events done throughout the year for the kids and families, it was time to celebrate the Little Potato Company’s hard working employees. We thought the best way to celebrate staff was to give them a bit of vintage Hollywood glamour – for on night only – we present “Holiday Nights in Spudleywood”! The elegant night needed to have all the basics like delicious food, signature drinks, and of course, an awards presentation!

Outcome: The evening was a dazzling display of celebrity treatment for the deserving employees and their guests! Attendees walked up to the elegant registration desk on a bright red carpet, a red carpet interviewer asked for their award predictions as they made their way into the main event. Once inside, attendees were offered vintage signature drinks and were delighted with a view of the vibrantly sparkly stage. The night began with a buffet dinner, but guests had to know their movie trivia in order to qualify. Once the festive dinner was taken in, the awards presentation began, the slow-motion confetti photo booth opened, and the contest started. This year, employees and guests had to search high and low to find movie memorabilia in decor around the room. After performances from local bands, a popcorn and candy bar and prizes, the evening ended in true Spudleywood fashion.