Objective: We took the theme ‘merry and bright’ and made Christmas for the Little Potato Company’s kids ultraviolet with neon colors, LED games and glow-in-the-dark food! The Tycoons wanted to make this holiday event one to remember, with a big focus on lighting up the holiday spirit! The Little Potato Company has traditionally done this event in the same venue for years, so this year it was important to try something new, while still factoring in the essentials for parents (easy parking, a place where their children can safely roam, simple and delicious food and a quiet area). Our other challenge with this event was ensuring that the Christmas theme was not lost in the midst of the LED glow. So we got to work! 

Outcome: “Spudley’s Arcadia of Festive Amusements” hosted at the Rec Room West Edmonton! The perfect blend of Christmas, mixed with the super fun glow-in-the-dark theme to bring about an event not soon to be forgotten. When guests first entered the room, they were treated to glowing cotton candy of 6 fantastic flavours, a video game interactive photo booth, pixelated face painting, glow n the dark crafts, and a robot race course. And who should join us in all of the activities but Santa himself! Santa sat on his throne surrounded by LED pillars and a video game themed, bright blue tree. Santa passed out gifts to the younger kids while the older kids were treated to an hour of gaming in the main game space. Santa’s elves let the Tycoon’s know that this event passed their test!