Objective: This free virtual symposium focused on highlighting the most recent research on SARS-CoV-2 and other viral pathogens. This national conference, with an international presence, was a themed event that spotlighted pandemic preparedness, pathogenesis, host-pathogen interactions / immune responses, vaccines and antivirals. The symposium occurred predominantly for half of each day, with a free public panel forum on the first evening. In addition to keynote speakers, the symposium showcased local and national talent and provided trainees with an opportunity to present their work in either an oral or poster format as selected from submitted abstracts. The Symposium intended to draw 200 to 300 delegates – academics, high-level individuals, and industry professionals – from across Canada and around the world.

Outcome: The virtual symposium was a huge success, having over 58o symposium registrants and over 1,650 people attend the Public Forum. The event attracted people from all over the world, and attracted media attention. There were over 65 poster presentations and 15 oral presentations. The three-day virtual event also included a virtual social event on the second day of the symposium. We excitedly welcomed our esteemed event keynote speakers, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove (World Health Organization) and Dr. Michael Houghton (2020 Nobel Laureate). The event successfully secured eight sponsors and gained global attention.

For more information about the event, including all of the speakers, please visit the “Zooming In On COVID-19 Symposium” website.

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