The purpose of this event was to celebrate a significant milestone across all of the Servus Credit Union branches in Alberta. This was to be achieved by showing the Servus employees that their efforts have not gone unnoticed by way of special morning program, hot breakfast for all team members, a gift, and an opportunity to win a GIC. With 111 branches across Alberta, there was a lot to consider when coordinating this to take place at the exact same time, on the same day.

The program was to be streaming live from three locations in Alberta and simultaneously broadcast to all staff, at each individual branch.


Our team was able to coordinate hot breakfasts for all 111 Servus Credit Union locations across Alberta so that all of the staff we able to enjoy breakfast at the same time, while watching the live broadcast at their respective branch. This all took place prior to the branch opening to the public for the day so we had to ensure we allotted enough time for the presentation without asking staff to come in much earlier than they usually do.

For the simulcast component, there were three locations (Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary) which had members of the corporate team live on location. With AV support, these three locations were connected to each other and simultaneously broadcast out to all of the Servus locations across Alberta.

During the broadcast the initial 9 winners were selected for the GIC winnings, with 9 more being drawn the following day.

Overall this event was well received by all of the Servus employees and was a pleasant way for them to start their morning, unified across Alberta.