Objective: This event was a special one for the team! Our contribution to the massive annual event was primarily the decor. We were tasked with planning, creating, and developing multiple decor pieces at integral locations around the event space. We had several challenges, including working with a very large volunteer force, a new warehouse location, and being new to the project and event. The Tycoon’s had to create beautiful pieces of decor that were perfectly on theme (Candy Land!), sturdy,  and could be re-purposed for ongoing future events. With only a few short months to complete the task, we had a lot to do for the holiday event!

Outcome: After months of developing plans, painting, gluing and drilling, our team and the many volunteers were able to showcase our great accomplishments at the Snowflake Gala! The grand entrance was something to behold, with lollipop trees, chocolate stumps,giant jube jubes and a custom candy scent. Guests were lead through this beautiful passageway into the main ballroom, where a lollipop forest provided a unique and bright backdrop for photos. Beyond the lollipop forest was the dinner area and large stage. The stage was one of the largest pieces we had to create. The massive gingerbread house with sugar-plum and sugar decorations towered above the children emcee’s and was the perfect background to the live entertainment. Overall, the decor set the mood for the theme and brought the festive feel to the holiday season. We were happy to witness people taking photos of the stunning entrance and taking selfies in the lollipop forest!