Objective: The Covenant family hosted “The future of caring for seniors: A conversation with Dr. Zayna Khayat” virtually on June 9, 2021, from 10:00 am – 11:00 am. The objective of the event, open to the public to attend, was to feature a notable expert on seniors’ care, Dr. Khayat, who would guide us through an examination of innovations in seniors’ living and health care and inspire us to create a bold and practical road map for change. The event was also an opportunity for the Covenant family and SE Health to announce their partnership on an important initiative to mobilize action for change: COURAGE: Action for Better Aging. The initiative will engage with all Canadians and a broad spectrum of stakeholders to reimagine aging and spark innovation for change through concrete and actionable ideas and plans.

Outcome: The virtual event, an hour in length, was a success with over 450 people registered to attend the event virtually. The event, hosted by an emcee, featured a keynote speaker, special guests, videos as part of the program, The emcee and majority of special guests spoke from Production World’s presentation stage. The keynote and one special guest participated remotely via Zoom. Attendees streamed the event and watched via Zoom. Engagement with attendees was done via Zoom chat. Covenant Heath’s team was also onsite to do live social media and photograph those were on stage in the studio space.

Live Stream Platform: Zoom

COURAGE: Action for Better Aging invites Canada to get involved, to reimagine aging and spark innovation for change through important discussions and concrete ideas and plans.