On January 30th, 2018 Syngenta Canada hosted their annual customer and grower appreciation event at CRAFT Beer Market in Edmonton. Tycoon Events was hired as the event stylists for the event.

To align with their 2018 product campaign, “All In One and One For All”, and Syngenta’s brand we aligned the decor of the event so that we created our version of an old Renaissance, medieval tavern. This design was a great example that you don’t have to have a large budget to fill up a large space and ensure that the client’s brand is effectively applied in an impactful way.

Props, visual elements and décor included such things such as:

• Custom made flags and bases
• A Syngenta Musketeer used as an icon for the gamification component of the event
• Candelabras and exposed pillar candles
• A “Syngenta” Coat of Arms using their logo and event slogan, which was also included on the onsite staffing t-shirts
• Faux animal antlers
• Aged barrels
• A staged area for formal presentations
• Three learning stations
• Gamification
• Lighting

Client: Syngenta Canada
Gobos and Linens: provided by Syngenta Canada
Venue: CRAFT Beer Market
Photos by: FO Photography
Props from: Special Event Rentals, Stagecoach Design & Event Rentals, and Etc. Styling and Decor
Graphic Design: Backstreet Communications
AV and Lighting by: invert720 Productions
Design and Decor: Tycoon Event Planning & Promotions