Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

On Saturday, September 8th, 2018 the Little Potato Company celebrated their ever-growing staff of 300 people and 150 of their guests at their annual Family Day event.

Accounting for a variety of activities that would cater to a diverse audience and to all ages, the concept for this year’s event was “A Day at The LPC Zoo”. The goal: create a fun, engaging and immersive event that also captured the company’s family values and their “joie de vivre”.

The week prior to the event, thematic window art was installed with a “Coming Soon!” message to create excitement, buzz, and mystery around the event. It was also a helpful tool in incentivizing staff to register for the event.

Whether spending time with the family, being amazed by the animals of the amazon, prairies, desert, and ocean, or taking a stroll through the gift shop, and hoping on the carousel. Who doesn’t love a day at the zoo?!

In keeping with the event’s theme, we remained committed to a fun-filled, family friendly event that made everyone in attendance feel like they had truly just enjoyed a trip to the zoo, while being onsite at their very own work place.

To create a zoo-inspired atmosphere, we created signage throughout the event space that one might come across at various animal exhibits throughout a traditional zoo. Also incorporated were the following elements and event designs:

  • A thematic entrance into the event
  • A giant “puzzle by number” that was our gamification and contest element, with animal-themed t-shirts as giveaways
  • An event mascot: Zoo Keeper Spudley- a play on the lovable Little Potato Company mascot, who was found at various activation areas throughout the event
  • A ‘feed your inner animal’ food court with herbivore and carnivore offerings and customized thematic desserts, including dishes which featured the LPC potatoes
  • A pony ride carousel
  • An arctic-themed DJ booth, featuring animal and zoo-inspired tunes
  • Zoo animal stilt walkers
  • Live exotic parrots and birds
  • A live reptile display
  • Zoo-themed balloon animals
  • Zoo-themed face painting
  • A green screen photobooth with customized Arctic and Safari backgrounds
  • A live porcupine presentation
  • A gift shop featuring zoo animal plush beanie stuffed animals donning branded LPC T-shirts
  • Sensory bin stations showcasing different animals in their respective geographical locations
  • Thematic window art that added a lively backdrop
  • Zoo keeper-themed hosts

Food provided by: Bridge’s Catering, Revolution Ice Cream, Serendipity Donuts, and You Need A BBQ
Entertainment provided by: Crooked Lion, DJ Joses Martin, Indigo Circus, Flashworks Photobooth, and Monster Balloon Company
Animals provided by: Thistle Hills Petting Farm, Meika’s Bird House, Edmonton Reptile Parties, and WILDNorth Wildlife and Rescue Rehabilitation Centre
Photography provided by: Kristin Zabos Photography
Graphic Design provided by: Sarah at Backstreet Creative
Rentals provided by: Special Event Rentals
Giveaways provided by: The Promo Addict
Props provided by: Tycoon Event Planning & Promotions