5 Ways Event Professionals Can Help You Meet Your Objectives

Photo taken by Vivid Ribbon Photography at The Wellness Summit 2019.

Whether you’re hosting a virtual, hybrid, or live event, we’re not going to tell you WHY YOU NEED an event planner (who are we to say) or the reasons WHY YOU SHOULD hire an event planner (we won’t judge).

What we do want to bring your attention to though, is why the details of your event matter and what we, as professionals, can do to help you meet your event objectives. 

A successful event is a work of art and we’re not talking about the ones that you “managed to pull off”. We’re talking about meaningful gatherings where goals were exceeded, key stakeholders were delighted, timing was detailed down to the minute, attendees were engaged and inspired, and connections were made. And, did we mention… all of that within budget?! 

Think about the actions you’d like your event attendees to take during or after your event. What would those be? Would you want them to donate to your fundraiser? Purchase your products and/or services? Show up to work with the relationships and resources they need to be happy, healthy employees? The event journey you take your guests on, from the first touch-point, to weeks after the event is over, has the ability to affect and change behaviours. 

That is why event planning demands a deeper look at ALL of the details. It goes beyond creating a plan, and embodies a full understanding of what obstacles to anticipate (because there WILL be obstacles), how to overcome them in a time-sensitive and cost-efficient way, and never, ever, loses sight of the bigger picture – otherwise known as your objectives!

#1: We Have the Experience

It’s important to work with someone who lives, eats, and breathes events. It’s especially important right now with virtual events! Event planners are efficient and diligent when planning events, as the skill sets needed to accomplish the job are within our wheelhouse. 

Here on the Tycoon team, we’ve spent the last nine months exploring all of the virtual event tools, platforms and applications that exist out there and continue to stay on the pulse as they continue to pop-up on the daily. We’ve done, and continue to do, our research and know what questions to ask.  We are here to provide guidance when choosing the right virtual platform for your event. 

Our team consists of diligent, creative and hard-working event professionals. We excel in the areas of communication, marketing, event design, graphic design, project management, vendor coordination, sponsorship, volunteer management, contingency planning, risk management, logistics, and onsite coordination. We’re an innovative team with broad experience, which results in a higher level of customer service. 

#2: We Have the Resources

We can save you money because of the vast network of connections and relationships we have. We work with preferred partners for things such as AV services, catering, and entertainment. We can tap into nationwide and worldwide networks, leverage buying power to secure better rates, and negotiate with vendors. We can also stick close to home, being mindful of our carbon footprint and supporting local businesses.

It’s our job to keep your budget in check and we know where to prioritize funds, energy, resources, and time. We will efficiently be able to enlist support services from many partnerships within the industry to bring your vision to life and capture your desired outcome, all within budget.

#3: We Have the Mindset

Events are stressful by nature (cue Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong). On top of that, this new world of virtual events can be incredibly overwhelming. Your team may not have the tools, resources, abilities, or time to handle the boundless tasks that make up what is our everyday life. The result can be increased stress and burned out employees struggling to accomplish their regular duties in addition to feeling overwhelmed in hopes of designing a successful event in this unknown virtual landscape. 

Having a professional put everything together and take care of the details allows internal staff and teams to prioritize their tasks and stay focused on the things they need to accomplish. When the day of the event comes, you will be able to focus on what’s most important — bringing your values and purpose to life through experience. We’re there to help troubleshoot any difficulties that will come up and to make sure that the event is a success. 

#4: Details are our Lives

Creating an exceptional experience for the guests of your event requires in-depth attention to the details. Organizing an event is a large task, but with an event planner who has strong organizational and communication skills, years of experience and a passion for detail, hosting your perfect event is easy. We manage the timelines and deliverables of the event, establishing a thoughtful critical path, assigning all action items and establishing important deadlines. We manage the aesthetics, or “feel” of the event, logistics and any day-of/on-site components of your event, making them accessible and inclusive. We can also manage all of the key stakeholders of your event, including volunteers, event staff, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers. 

#5: We’re Thinking Long-Term

We are automatically thinking of the scalability of your event. Say it’s a huge success (which we know it will be), you may want to expand on it over time. Having an event planner who understands your organization and your event will allow you to produce a larger event with even bigger and long term goals in mind!

If you have an event coming up where you feel like we could help you meet your business objectives, please fill out our questionnaire and let’s do this! 

– Your Tycoon, Kirsten XO