Clearing the Air on Virtual Event Platforms

Photo taken by L Photography.

Setting the tone for this post: Your virtual event platform is not a substitute for an event planner.

If you’ve been following our content, you’ve heard us say this before. In the virtual event world, your virtual event platform acts as your venue. It’s the hub that brings everything together.

The further we get into this virtual event landscape and the more time we spend planning virtual events, the more we realize that there are a lot of people are making assumptions about virtual events and, usually, about virtual event platforms specifically.

Here are some commonly known facts about event venues (that also apply to virtual event platforms):

  • You have to pay for a good venue
  • Some offer configurable layout options (some don’t)
  • Some have a greenroom (some don’t)
  • Some offer ALL the bells and whistles you can imagine (some don’t)
  • Some come with in-house AV services (some don’t)
  • Some provide great customer service (some don’t; more on that to come)
  • Some have dedicated support staff leading up to your event and for the date(s) of your event (some don’t)

Here’s where venues and virtual platforms differ: some venues come with in-house event planners BUT virtual event platforms do not. They may have back-ends that are more user-friendly than others (simple enough for anyone off the street to use) and/or offer exceptional customer support, but that’s really only affecting the set-up of your event.  

What about the rest of the event? What is the attendee journey from start to finish? What touchpoints do you have with them? How are you encouraging them to participate and take the actions that you want them to take? How are you ensuring you’re reaching your goals?

Embrace the fact that virtual events are here for the long haul. They are not going anywhere, friends. Even when restrictions lift and in-person events are allowed, events are going to be hybrid (meaning there will still be virtual components).

Use the opportunity you have NOW to create meaningful connections, bring people together, build something unique and exciting, delight, and cause lasting change.

This is where a professional event planner can help. Not only will we help clear up assumptions, find the right “venue” (virtual event platform) and help set it up, but we’ll work with you to design a memorable experience for everyone who shows up! They’ll also ensure your event is designed in such a way to pivot from a virtual format into a hybrid format when the time comes.

If you’re curious about the five main ways event professionals can help you meet your objectives, check out this blog post!

-Your Tycoon, Kirsten XO