Tycoon takes event promotions presence to the next level! Here’s how we do it:

Before your event: create targeted awareness.
We create and amplify the awareness of your event through conversations and engagement. We create ads targeted to your events key demographic. We acquisition your key influencers. Not only do we ensure that your event is getting the recognition it deserves, we also ensure that it is the most memorable and popular in the city. We ensure that the value proposition you are intending to communicate to our audience is done in an effective and successful way. Communications are thoughtfully curated to express the unique nature of your event, what participants can expect, why they should attend, and better yet, why they won’t want to miss out.

During your event: capturing key moments and taking the event conversation online.
Onsite at your event, we capture images and video, and engage on social media platforms that your identified audience utilizes such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The engagement occurs with guests at the event, those participating in the event itself, and those who are online but may not be at your event (your ‘prospective guests’). The social media goal during events is to interact but also to create such a memorable experience that people will want to sign up for the next event. We plan for your next event before your current one is even over!

Each promotions strategy is tailored to meet the goals and demands of each event. We create a greater awareness of the event, increase registrations, elevate engagement and the conversation.

We create a greater awareness of the event, increase registrations, elevate engagement and conversation, and we do it with great success!

A well thought out event promotions strategy becomes part of the storytelling process that aligns with the purpose of the event, which, on a much larger and more holistic scale, is part of the overarching vision of our clients. With purpose, detail, and clarity in our event promotions, we never lose sight of our client’s main goals and large-scale strategies.


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