The State of Events – February 25, 2021 Updates

Photo by Nick Hirschmann

What is the state of events – literally?  

If you’re like us, we have been keeping a constant and careful eye on the state of our industry, and all gathering restrictions as they continue to change. While we continue to be on the lookout for positive news, we know that many of our readers are unaware of the endless changes the event industry faces.

So, we have decided to give you a peek into our world! The State of Events blog will focus on bringing you in-depth, industry knowledge. Every month we will profile exactly what event businesses are going through, what the latest restrictions are, and what some innovative planners, associations and vendors are doing to stay afloat in this chaotic time.

Afterall, most planners are used to a good amount of chaos. But this pandemic is next level. Arguably the worst effect has been felt in the events industry, who, until the pandemic, relied on in-person audiences.

We recognize how tough it is – we are truly feeling the weight of COVID-19 ourselves. The Tycoons are so thankful that we have been able to look ahead, continue to support a team that never gives up, and pivot our business to virtual (while still looking beyond to hybrid and, eventually, a return to in-person).

We seriously cannot wait for live events to begin again, but in the meantime, there is a lot we can continue to do to add value to our virtual and digital worlds through education, communication, and information!

Check out some of the resources we have available here:

– Your Tycoon, Stephani XO