Top 10 Reasons to Partner with an AV Company for a Virtual Event

AV company behind-the-scenes of a virtual event
Photo taken by Nick Hirschmann while onsite at Production World for BioWare’s 2020 Holiday Event.

Everyone knows the benefits of working with an AV company for live, in-person events (at least we hope you do!). But, what do AV companies bring to the table when everything is done online through a virtual event platform? We’ve got the answers! 10 of them to be exact.

Here’s our “Top 10 Reasons to Partner with an AV Company for a Virtual Event”!

  1. Overall, AV partners will elevate the quality of the presentation and enhance the audience and presenter experience.
  2. They are able to add professional graphics to the presentations and speaker windows (e.g. lower thirds – name, title of the speaker, etc.).
  3. They have more control over how the live stream is being presented to the audience. For example, they can show the photo of the speaker in the same window size as the presentation they’re screen sharing.
  4. If there is more than one speaker in the live-stream, the AV company can seamlessly switch between them.
  5. If your event has multiple sessions happening in one day and/or sessions are happening concurrently, they can ensure that all of the live streams will all be set up as required, with no speakers hanging out in waiting rooms or kicking people out of concurrent or previous meetings.
  6. They provide back-up in case technical issues arise.
  7. AV companies can do run-throughs with your speakers prior to the event to test and troubleshoot issues.
  8. They are able to provide speakers with tips and tricks for strengthening the audio and visual experiences by changing settings on their own laptops/computers.
  9. AV partners may have access to high-quality cameras and/or microphones for you to send to your speakers, if necessary.
  10. AV companies provide peace of mind. They have the digital know-how and expertise to answer all of your questions!

Stay tuned, we’ve got another Top 10 from the tycoons tomorrow!

– Your Tycoons, XO