Tycoon’s Top 10 Team Memories

Tycoon's top 10 memories

During this last week of Tycoon’s 5th year of business, our team got a tad sentimental and reflected on some of our favourite memories from the last 5 years.

Since there are 10 of us, we collected everyone’s top memory to create Tycoon’s Top 10 Team Memories recap:

  • Ali’s Fave Memory: The lead-up and execution of the perfectly timed surprise fireworks show across the river valley at the 2019 BioWare Holiday Party!
  • April’s Fave Memory: After the BioWare Christmas party in 2019, when we all climbed into the blow-up snow globe for a picture. Lots of laughs were had and we were all dressed up and mentally preparing for a huge load out. There’s a great picture of this somewhere!
  • David’s Fave Memory: Hearing the news that the proposal Kirsten and I created was the one chosen for the 2020 BioWare virtual Christmas Event.
  • Eryne’s Fave Memory: Over the last 5 years there have been many. It’s hard for me to choose just one! My fave memories are the ones that share common themes – driving 26′ UHaul trucks, having someone help tape up my pants during set ups (if you’re not ripping your pants, you’re not working hard enough!), 23 hour installations, defying the odds, the relationships that we’ve formed, and most of all, being able to share these favorite memories and being surrounded by my team as we make the impossible, possible!
  • Kirsten’s Fave Memory: Interacting with BioWare’s team during their Mars Habitation Mission virtual event, taking song requests, and facilitating the world’s coolest virtual DJ dance party! 
  • Lindsay’s Fave Memory: At All is Bright in 2019, when I got to drive Santa from the hall to the event. His presence brought so much joy to everyone that we passed, it was so special. And driving the golf cart around town was fun too.
  • Madeline’s Fave Memory: Creatively getting the deck and boardwalk pieces into the Edmonton Conference Center for the Capital Power event. It was a lot of work and some funny moments of trying to get those large wood pieces through the door! Gotta love having a goat trail…just wish there were some goats to have helped us along the way! 
  • Nikki’s Fave Memory: BioWare’s 2020 holiday party – “The Galley” turning into a sourdough bread show and tell by the end of the night – it truly was a place for their staff to connect.
  • Shanna’s Fave Memory: My very first event, All is Bright on 124 Street. The whole experience felt so very magical and full of whimsy. I was taken by many of the elements. I immediately admired the drive, teamwork and creativity of this team!  I left that night with a newfound appreciation for an outdoor winter festival. I knew then that I wanted to be a part of Tycoon!
  • Steph’s Fave Memory: November and December 2019’s back-to-back holiday events! I loved the energy of every minute leading up to each event. The constant work and busyness kept everyone ultra focused and on our toes. But the best part was at 5:00 am at the J.W. Marriott after the BioWare Holiday Event had finished and our team celebrated with the classic prosecco toast and a deep breath out. Knowing we had spent 2 months bringing our best and we left every client satisfied was worth every stress-induced minute 🙂

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Top 10 list!

– Your Tycoons, XO