Finding the right partner takes a lot of work…

The Virtual Event Resource matches your virtual event needs with the perfect digital partner.

Our Virtual Event Resource has been carefully developed to cut away the jargon, and get down to the nitty gritty of what we’d be looking for when planning our events. Our goal is to bridge the gap and help make the connection for all of the amazing (but ever confusing and evolving) online event tools that exist out there. Keep in mind, that just as the industry continues to evolve, so will we. Tycoon’s Virtual Event Resource is considered a living, breathing resource that we’re updating consistently. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or perhaps you’ve tried a tool that’s not listed, let us know!

PLEASE NOTE: This resource is routinely updated. The last updates were made on December 31, 2021. If your listing is not up to date and requires editing, please fill out this form.

How to search for Virtual Event tools, platforms and applicationS (Desktop only)
Virtual Event Resource | ‘How To’ Demo Video’

  1. Using the resource below, Filter, Sort or Search (see magnifying glass) through our library of reviewed tools, platforms and applications.
  2. While our resource has the ability to filter or sort based on many granular details, we recommend to keep it simple by sorting from A-Z (which is already set by default) and filtering the results based on Type of Event or Type of Technology.
    • Filter based on Type of Event (see definitions below) :
      1. Select ‘Filter‘ in the navigation bar at the top
      2. Select ‘Add Filter
      3. Use the drop down options to select: Where > Type of Event > has any of
      4. Use the drop down menu to select the particular event type(s) most relevant to you
    • Filter based on Type of Technology (see definitions below):
      1. Select ‘Filter‘ in the navigation bar at the top
      2. Select ‘Add Filter
      3. Use the drop down options to select: Where > Type of Technology > has any of
      4. Use the drop down menu to select the resource type that is most suited to your needs
  3. Once you have filtered your results, select a resource that you’re most interested in and click to expand to learn more about the many details of each resource.
  4. Please keep in mind, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or perhaps you’ve tried a tool that’s not listed, let us know via the suggestion box below!

    When looking into these various tools and platforms, or perhaps contacting a provider to do a demo, it’s important to know what questions to ask.

    We’ve put together some important questions and considerations to help you!

Additional Resources

Types of Events (Definitions)

  1. Conferences: Large scale meetings with the intent of bringing together leading experts, keynote speakers and attendees to create an environment for professional development and learning.
  2. Conventions and trade shows: Large exhibitions that aim to showcase vendors or offerings and are often open to the public.
  3. Workshops, meetings, training and seminar: Smaller scale discussions in which attendees play a role in both presenting and learning new information.
  4. Networking events: Activities centred around the socialization of attendees in an attempt to form new business relationships.
  5. Receptions: Formal parties, usually meant for celebration, in which some food and beverages are typically served.
  6. Galas: A glamorous social event often including special entertainment or performances
  7. Team building: Activities used to enhance relationships and create cooperation between co-workers or members of a group.
  8. Holiday and themed events: Formal events, hosted by companies for their employees, centred around a common theme; for example, a public holiday such as the New Year.
  9. Staff events: Less formal events that give employees the opportunity to mingle and build relationships outside of a work environment.
  10. Fundraisers: An event in which the primary objective is to raise funds and awareness of a cause, charity or non-profit organization.

Types of Technology (Definitions)

  1. Live Stream Platform / Service: Example: Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch
  2. Video / Web Conferencing: Example: Zoom, GoToMeeting/Webinar
  3. Webcasting Platform: Example: ON24, Streampoint, Crowdcast
  4. Event Application Platform: Example: Socio, Pheedloop, CVent
  5. Immersive Platform: Example: MRVK (AR capabilities)
  6. Fundraising Service Platform: Example: Givergy
  7. Floor Plan / Design Software: Example: Allseated, Social Tables
  8. Virtual Game / Activity Solution: Example: Social Scavenger, The Escape Game

List of Questions & Considerations

Technical Considerations

  1. What type of content is supported? i.e live stream, pre-recorded video, RTMP broadcasting, presentation slides
  2. Can each of these content types be supported at the same time in one session? If not, what are the functionality considerations / limitations?
  3. How many presenters can participate in the live stream at one time?
  4. Can audience members participate in the live stream (using audio and video)? What does the process look like for “inviting them to the stage” and how can their participation be moderated if required?
  5. How does your platform, application or service integrate with other tools?
    • Do you have any examples of the types of integrations you’d recommend based on particular virtual event goals / circumstances?
  6. Are there any browser or device considerations or limitations to be aware of?
  7. What broadband considerations are required to run a seamless event or session?
  8. How can I protect my content and what security measures / mechanisms are in place for both the organizer and all attendees?
  9. Are there any restrictions on the number of hosts/attendees that can be logged in simultaneously?

Engagement Opportunities

  1. What opportunities are there for attendee engagement both in the general Event Platform and/or the Individualized Sessions?
    • Chat? i.e. one-to-one (with other attendees, organizer, speakers, sponsors / exhibitors), group (private, assigned, facilitated), threaded responses
    • Live Polling?
    • Q&A? i.e. publicly visible, attendee voting, threaded responses or ability to mark as answered
    • Gamification? i.e. ability to incentivize attendees for their participation in set activities or engagement with sessions, speakers, sponsors / exhibitors
    • Ratings / Reviews? i.e. ability for speakers to provide their feedback on particular topics, sessions, speakers
    • Networking / Community? does your platform encourage or facilitate attendees to meet, interact and contact one another?
    • Session Notification / Reminders
    • Other? i.e. are there any other unique functionalities or capabilities that differentiate your platform in terms of engagement opportunities

    Sponsor / Exhibitor Capabilities

    1. What capabilities are in place to highlight sponsors or exhibitors?
    2. What type of content can be supported for sponsors or exhibitors? i.e. logos & images, branded materials, promo videos, profiles, links
    3. What type of engagement or ability to interact with attendees is available? i.e. live streaming, one-to-one or group chat, special offers?
    4. What type of attendee data or analytics can be provided to Sponsors / Exhibitors to inform lead generation and / or ROI?

    Fundraising Capabilities

    1. Is your platform suitable for fundraising events?
    2. What opportunities exist to highlight the charity or cause?
    3. What type of fundraising capabilities are built in to your platform? i.e. live donation, online auction, live updates or notifications to attendees?
    4. What other type of fundraising platforms can be integrated into your platform? Will these appear organically within the platform or will they require the attendee to link out to a 3rd party platform or website?

    Support and Accessibility

    1. What type of support is offered for organizers, attendees, sponsors/exhibitors and speakers? I.e. on boarding and training leading up to the event, live tech support on the day of, is the type of support offered via email/chat/phone
    2. What type of physical and mental-health related accommodations are available for attendees? i.e. transcription services, closed captioning, talk-to-text, mental-health crisis support
      • Are these services offered directly through the platform or do they require an additional plugin or facilitation by the organizer?

    Organizer / Speaker Considerations

    1. What type of branding customization exists within the platform itself or what would require a developer to customize further? i.e. logos, imagery, colour scheme, white-labeling?
    2. Would you consider your platform to act as a virtual venue for all elements or would a custom website/landing page be required?
    3. Are there different portals, dashboards or access considerations available for varying roles? i.e. organizer, speaker, moderator, sponsor / exhibitor
    4. Does the platform include registration capabilities and what do these entail? i.e. invite, upload contact list, sign-ups, payment, tax receipts
      • If so, does this appear on a custom landing page or within the platform? How does this interact with the events or session agenda and are there any implications for embedding this into an external company site?
    5. Are these registration services offered directly through the platform or do they require an additional plugin or integration?
      • If external, which are compatible and/or recommended for your platform and what limitations should be considered?
    6. Is your portal capable of allowing different levels of content to different viewers based on registration packages?
    7. Is the event or session content automatically saved and available for on-demand?
      • How is on-demand content made available?
      • Does on-demand content reflective of the live engagement content? i.e. chat, polling and Q&A history
    8. What type of event marketing capabilities are available for pre and post event interaction and promotion among attendees? i.e. e-blasts, reminders, social sharing, surveys/feedback
    9. What type of data and analytics are available during the event, along with pre and post events? Do these correlate to all engagement capabilities?
      • What data will I be able to collect, and what type of analytics can I expect to capture?
    10. Are the use of particular features / capabilities customizable? i.e. can I turn on / off certain product features based on particular event or session needs?
    11. Are there any new product features or capabilities to look out for in the future?

    Pricing Model

    1. What are your varying packages and what’s included at each level or price point?