Why Have Pre-Recorded Content in Your Virtual or Hybrid Event?

Photo taken by Nick Hirschmann while onsite during one of Tycoon’s pre-recording shoots.

There are multiple types and formats of pre-recorded content that can be shared with your attendees during a virtual event. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each one separately, shall we? 

Short Clips
These are short, pre-recorded videos that run during a speaker’s presentation or in between sessions. These types of clips can also be played in a loop before a live-stream session begins. They provide an opportunity to introduce the session, highlight a sponsor, introduce the next speaker, etc. These types of videos break up the live-stream, add visual interest, and help keep attendees engaged.

Simulive Experience
Another pre-recorded option is the simulive experience. While the pre-recorded video presentation plays, a speaker can either talk (live) along with it OR they can chat via a chat box while a pre-recorded session (video and audio) plays. This allows more engagement and interaction from a speaker as they are able to fulfill a variety of roles at one time rather than being limited to one role at a time if their presentation is live. 

Pre-recorded Sessions
This is when you have your speaker record their whole presentation (video and audio) and share it as a video during your live-stream. Pre-recorded sessions are lower risk because you have more control of the content, and if the connection fails, you’ll have a backup! Plus, you can easily share your pre-recorded sessions with attendees post-event (see ‘On-Demand’ below).

On-demand refers to self-guided content that is always available. It is pre-recorded content that allows attendees the flexibility to tune in whenever and wherever is best suited to their needs and preferences. This type of programming is best suited when the communication goal is to provide clear, consistent messaging that can be easily viewed by as many people as possible. It provides attendees the ability to watch multiple times, rewind, fast forward, and potentially even share particular snippets of the content on their social media. On-demand can also capture previously live content, that allows attendees to tune in after the fact. Opportunities may still exist to view the chat and engagement functionalities, but attendees would not be able to comment or participate on their own. This option allows for the most production and editing value as you are able to edit the files before they are made available.

Overall, pre-recorded content can lend to the presentation quality of your virtual or hybrid event. Pre-recording allows more control over lighting, sound, and camera angles. Plus, you’re able to edit the videos before they are seen by your attendees, which ups the production value of your show!

– Your Tycoon, Kirsten XO